Back from an amazing trip!

We are back from our 18 day during holiday at the westcoast from America! It was a wonderful trip, we have seen a lot We enjoyed the nature, the weather, the people, the cars, each other, ... each day was different and this make our journey fantastic.

Pics from each day are following...

A short impression from our trip:

  • arrival in Phoenix - 39° C
  • 2 days visiting the Grand Canyon: amazing
  • Bryce Canyon, even more beautiful, made a great hike
  • Zion Canyon, enjoying the wonderful nature
  • Mono Lake, not just a lake but really incredible!! My favorite!
  • Not planned, but Yosemite National Park was fun, we played in the snow!
  • Sacramento, damned there is live on earth! Back in the city!
  • Bugorama, a cool VW meeting with lots of great cars and a overwelming sprint...and ooh sooo hot!
  • We're going to San Fransisco....What a beautiful city, enjoy enjoy enjoy!
  • Visiting Alcatraz, you must see this!
  • Santa Cruz - a surf city near the coast!!! This is really holiday!
  • Highway one - relax driving with a lot of amazing views!Big Sur, Monterey
  • Pismo Beach: a relax stay at the beach
  • Santa Monica - Los Angeles: a city we visit for the second time, still enormous
  • Huntington Beach: two days relaxing in the surf city of the USA....Looking back on a wonderful trip!

Pics coming soon!!!!



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Ik kijk al uit naar de foto's van de trip.


Gepost door: Etje | 05-06-09

je zou er zo naar toe reizen

Gepost door: willy | 05-06-09

ik kom zeker kijken naar uw reisfoto's

Gepost door: Gregory | 05-06-09

Hebt ge een dagboekje bijgehouden? Wij moesten da toen doen, omdat we echt niet konden onthouden wat we allemaal gedaan hadden.

[b]We want pics, we want pics![/b]

Gepost door: LaSofia | 05-06-09

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